Netflix Continues To Be The Top Streaming Provider

In recent years, a number of companies have started offering video streaming services. While some of these have attained considerable success, Netflix continues to be the most popular and widely-used streaming provider. This has been confirmed by the latest figures released by the NPD Group.


The sheer number of users that are now hooked up to Streaming Video On Demand (SVOD) has been ever increasing. During the course of last one year alone, it has bumped by a significant margin of 34 percent.

However, despite many new vendors offering SVOD, Netflix still bags 90% of the market’s share. This essentially makes the company the undisputed champion of the arena, which is not surprising since Netflix is among the oldest companies offering video streaming services.

Top Online Video Downstream Sources

NPD Group‘s report further reveals that most users choose to stream their on-demand videos on their television sets. In fact, nearly 80% of users get their video streaming on TV sets and of these users, 90% are hooked up to Netflix’s offerings. Other major players which are gaining foot in the video-streaming arena are Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.

Amazon is banking heavily on its presence in the mobile market to garner more votes for its Prime service. While for now, it hasn’t earned the e-retailer from many new voters, it is expected that over time, many Kindle users will choose Prime and significantly bump the total audience of the service.

On the other side, Netflix had also been planning to offer exclusive shows of its own. If these shows are good enough, these may give Netflix yet another advantage over other contenders.

Courtesy: Engadget

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