New Quad-Core Cortex-A15 Hard Macro Variant Announced By ARM

ARM has been rumored to be working on a Cortex-A15 chip. And now, these rumors have turned out to be pretty accurate as the company has announced the new Cortex-A15 Quad-Core Hard Macro chip. This is the first processor from ARM that packs the power of four A15 cores. Naturally, this is going to entice the manufacturers.

ARM intends to aid the manufactures in rolling out their machines in less time and cost with the help of this chip. The most interesting aspect of the chip is that makes use of the same amount of power as is used by A9 hard macro, which speaks volumes about its power efficiency. Moreover, the it is the first release from ARM based on 28nm process, which indicates a huge step forward for the company.

According to the vice president of Marketing, Processor division at ARM, Jim Nicholas, ‘For SoC designers looking to make a trade-off between the flexibility offered by the traditional RTL-based SoC development strategy and a rapid time to market, with ensured, bench-marked power, performance and area, an ARM hard macro implementation is an ideal, cost-effective solution.”

Apparently, ARM has big hopes with this release as Jim further stated, ‘This new Cortex-A15 hard macro is an important addition to our portfolio and will enable a wider array of partners to leverage the outstanding capabilities of the Cortex-A15 processor.’

For now, readers will have to content themselves with the details provided by ARM in its press release. The rest of the details have been promised by the company to be unveiled at Cool Chips conference at Yokohama, Japan which is scheduled to be during April 18 and April 20th.

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