New RIM CEO Starts Licensing Of BlackBerry 10

RIM has been going through a number of crisis. It’s CEO stepped down and was replaced with Thorsten Heins. But this is jut the tip of the iceberg. RIM seems to be looking forward to a huge restructuring of the company. This is manifest in this new statement by RIM’s CEO that RIM is now open to license the BlackBerry 10 OS to other third-parties. This can definitely be a stabilizer for RIM because BB 10, because of it’s email service, can be very lucrative for many smartphone manufacturers.

Although Heins announced that the company will now be licensing out the BB 10, he also seems to have many other plans up his sleeve. According to him, he is not making this step a focus for RIM. On the contrary, he said that the company will continue to produce it’s own products , so we can rest assured that BlackBerry sets are not going extinct for now.

BlackBerry 10 will make its debut later this year. So until then, the aspiring companies who wants a license of it will have to wait. However, once it is released, we really can expect couple of Android manufacturers to jump the bandwagon. Afterall, using an OS which has become the benchmark for professionals around the world, especially because of it’s native email service, makes sense. And with the hardware power of Android and the OS juice of BB 10, we may see some unique sets in the coming days. But whether or not this new strategy, and a new CEO, can RIM from going down the trajectory of failure and bankruptcy, will succeed? Only time will tell!

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