New Water Resistant Coating Will Protect Your Mobile Phone From Damage

In one article, I wrote, ‘ Toilet Holds First Position For Water Damaged Mobile Phones In UK.’ If your mobile phone accidentally fall into water, there are several ways you can try to retain the phone alive: pat it down with a towel, remove the battery and put it in a cup of dry rice and wait until the water dries. However, Daikin Industries which is a Japan based chemical company is looking to replace those conventional methods with a water-resistant coating applied to phones before they have a chance to get wet. In short, water resistant coating stops your phone from drowning.

According to the demo video, formed by dissolving a fluoropolymer in fluorinated solvent, the coating dries within 1 minute at room temperature. The waterproof coating is between 0.1 and 1 microns thick. To be noted, the coating doesn’t refer making phones fully waterproof, but it reduces the risk of a phone malfunctioning if it drops into water.

Daikin isn’t the first company to attempt a water resistant coating for phones, but the company promises to have good eco-credentials for its low toxicity. It can also be applied to porous and meshed surfaces, such as mouthpiece grills. The company hopes to bring it in the market commercially in December this year.

Source : Diginfo

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