Newquay Cornwall Airport Will Be Used For Testing Drones

Aberporth has been a hub for testing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for a long while. Until now, this testing has been limited to the West Wales Airport but now, the National Aeronautical Center (NAC) in Aberporth says that it is expanding the test site to include the Newquay Cornwall Airport.


UAV technology has been researched, explored and tested in Aberporth since the days of cold war. For long, West Wales Airport has been the launchpad of test flights for many UAVs. Over time, Aberporth has become the area where the latest in UAV technology is tested at the earliest.

Drones are allowed to fly in certain segregated zones in Aberporth once they fly from the West Wales Airport. Now, according to NAC, the Newquay Cornwall Airport will also be used for such flights and that this would help enhance the efforts expended on UAV technology.

According to Ray Mann, head of NAC, “This is an opportunity for the UK to lead the way.¬†Together, West Wales Airport and Newquay Cornwall Airport are committed to being at the forefront of developments in this sector and we hope our vision will deliver rewards.”

At the same time, more than 100 demonstrators registered their protest over these developments. These included members of Amnesty International, National Justice, Peace Network and other pro-peace coalitions. According to these protesters, drones are used to not only wage destruction in certain parts of the world, they are also used to violate the privacy of individuals when used for surveillance purposes.

The UK authorities, on the other hand, have been citing that such UAV research and testing offer growth for the aerospace industry in the coming days.

Courtesy: BBC

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