Next-Gen Pixel Qi Screen May Come With Same Resolution As Retina Display

Pixel Qi is known for producing displays which can be easily discerned and read from even in the outdoors. Although the displays aren’t yet a hit with the tech world and are being used only by a few consumers, the company has big plans for future. According to Mary Lou Jepsen, the founder of Pixel Qi, the company has been able to develop a ‘new architecture’ for displays which will come with a resolution as good as Retina display.

In a blog post at the official blog of Pixel Qi, the company is ‘shocked’ at the power being drawn by Apple’s new iPad. According to the company, some 90% of the huge battery of the new iPad seems to be dedicated to juice up the Retina display of the new iPad and that this is definitely not being power efficient.

Pixel Qi can indeed proudly tout that it has been able to produce low-power and innovative displays. According to the post, ‘We at Pixel Qi are dedicated to low power screens – our screens are the cornerstone of thinner and lighter devices that will work inside and in direct sunlight. We can now announce that we can match or exceed the image quality of the screen in the iPad3.’

The most interesting aspect is that Pixel Qi is claiming to have devised a new architecture that exceeds the performance of iPad 3 in a lot of ways, ‘We have a new architecture that matches the resolution of the ipad3 screen, and its full image quality including matching or exceeding contrast, color saturation, the viewing angle and so forth with massive power savings.’

We must say that from the touted specifications of the new display, we sure are eager to know when Pixel Qi finally unveils them. According to the company, they are currently in talks with partners and trying to finalize the screen sizes.

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