Next-Generation Eye-Tracking Introduced By Tobii At CeBIT

Tobii allowed the world a glimpse at it’s eye-tracking hardware first during the CES. Now, it has unveiled the second-generation eye-tracking hardware at CeBIT. This new iteration comes with a lot of software improvement, although most of the hardware is essentially the same. According to the analysts who were able to get a hands-on with the device, it now affords a much better experience than it’s elder brother.

The improvements are few but quite effective in this second-generation Tobii eye-tracking device. The sensor that is being used to track eye movement is now half the size of the one used in the earlier model. According to Tobii, this sensor is actually well-suited for a commercial production, unlike the earlier sensor.

However, the company is still not contemplating directly targeting the mainstream consumer products with it’s eye-tracking sensor. However, it has plans of integrating the technology in other applications such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), high-end monitors for PCs and peripherals for computers. Moreover, it can also be used for air traffic control and can find vast applications in arcade games.

One very significant feature that was being touted by the company is that the eye-tracking sensor can turn a simple displays into 3D displays. This can be done by detecting the movement of the eye and then shaping the displayed screen accordingly. In this way, a user can get a real feel of a 3D screen without the aid of any 3D glasses.

Tobii’s Eye-tracking equipment definitely has a lot of potential and if it is able to make it’s way, soon enough, to the right vendors, it may be able to grab a handsome market.


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