Nokia Closes Ovi Music Unlimited

Nokia no longer comes with music as Ovi Unlimited is mostly discontinued and have put in place plans to close the all-you-can-eat version of the Ovi Music store.Nokia ending its bundling of free music downloads with cellphones in 27 countries…….

Nokia‘s subscription music service is being shut down almost universally with the exception of a few select markets like China, Brazil and South Africa. Reuters reports that the use of DRM to lock down content to less-than-cutting-edge devices was a major stumbling block in the rollout of what was originally supposed to be a major iTunes competitor. Those who are already signed up will continue to have access to their music libraries indefinitely, but won’t be able to access new tracks once their current subscription expires.

What are the changes :

  • New OMU bundled devices will not be shipped from Nokia’s factory after 31.12.2010
  • The 1-year lisence can’t be renewed after 10.1.2011
  • No effect on devices bought with OMU/CWM. These can still be activated for the 1-year free music download service.
  • No change for users who already have activated the license. When their current license expires, they’re not provided with an ability to renew the license.
  • No change in the Ovi Music store


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