US Ambassador Of Switzerland Takes Oath On Kindle Touch

Electronic devices are increasingly becoming a part of our lives. In the first incident of its kind, the US ambassador of Switzerland has taken her oath on an electronic copy of the US constitution which was opened on a Kindle Touch device.

Electronic oath taking

Typically, it is mandatory to have a real copy of the Constitution for oath-taking purposes. The tradition continues to be practiced all over U.S. and this is the first time ever that a U.S. ambassador has taken her oath on an electronic copy. Suzi LeVine, who will represent American government in Switzerland, placed her hand on top of the U.S. Constitution opened on the page of the 19th amendment. The amendment says that the right of a U.S. citizen to vote can not be taken away from her.

It is to be noted here that LeVine has a background in the tech industry. She has worked for Microsoft between 2009 and 2012. In fact, she had been working on the education-oriented projects of that company. Since then, she has gone on to take more political roles.

Although her electronic oath-taking is the first of its kind when it comes to U.S. ambassadors, reports from Washington Post reveal that a group of county officials and New Island firefighters have also used digital copies on iPads for their oath-taking ceremony. This was apparently done because physical copies of Bible could not be obtained in the nick of time. So while this was more of an accidental happening, LeVine’s swearing in was a deliberate electronic oath-taking which still makes it the first of its kind.

Courtesy: The Verge

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