[Video] Optical Illusions Can Circumvent Animals Too

Magic is done through creating optical illusions. In simple words, magicians circumvent people through optical illusions and represent magic. But as some animals like dogs or cats have better senses than human beings, so will they be circumvented by optical illusions? Well, to be honest, yes, they too can be circumvented by optical illusions.

Cat Being Circumvented By Optical Illusions

The optical illusion you see above has been created by Brusspup, the prominent YouTube illusionist. The image you see above is a still image that has a transparent sheet moving over it. Apparently, it seems to be animated as the sheet has black parallel lines printed across it that changes the appearance of the image as it moves across. However, in the above image you see a cat is being fooled through optical illusion.


About the illusion, Brusspup has said that the illusion consists of six frames and the black bars on the transparent sheet are used to ‘cut’ out parts of the six frames. If you look at the black bars on the transparency, you can see a little space between each black bar that allows the ‘slices’ of the animation to show through as the black bar transparency passes by. Each one of the black bars is equal in size to five of the clear spaces. So if you take one black bar and one clear space next to that black bar, it equal a total of size spaces.

Illusion - 1

Brusspup said, “When one slice of the animation is seen through the clear space, the black bar is hiding the other five frames of the animation. As you move, it continues to reveal the next single frame of animation through the clear space while hiding the other five.”

Illusion - 2

According to Brusspup, “Optical illusions speak all languages.” He also said that he has many ‘top secret’ videos which he expects to release in the near future. Here’s a video of his illusion.

Source: Daily Mail

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