Ovi’s Maps Are Now 3D

Nokia has begun to include 3D maps in its Ovi Maps service, which if available for free for all Symbian terminal owners.

About 20 cities are available up until now and those who have tested the new navigation system say that it is very good, accurate and detailed. Nokia has promised they will take the service wherever it has users. Nokia has made the 3D maps together with a specialized company, C3. They have made 3D models using available pictures of the locations.

They use different cameras to take pictures from different angles. Of course, it will take a long time for them they come to Bucharest. If you are roaming across Europe, you can use the 3D maps in Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Venice, Milan, Florence, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen or London. Which is impressive. The US cities availables as 3D maps are New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco.

Nowadays, it seems that everybody goes for 3D, we have tablets, smarphones, TV that either already have this technology inbuilt or they are considering implementing it in the near future. Having a map in 3D, however, seems to be a must, as one is already used with building and roads in the daily life. Showing a map with detailed roads in 2D can be quite harmful for user’s experience.

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