PointGrab To Unveil Technology For Controlling Devices With Gestures At CES 2014

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest consumer technology trade show where overwhelming technologies and next generation gadgets are revealed. The Consumer Electronics Show 2014 (CES 2014) is going to take place from Jan 7 to Jan 10 in Las Vegas. Undoubtedly, we are going to see a lot of amazing things at the CES 2014. Tel Aviv-based PointGrab plans to show its latest technology for controlling devices and appliances by pointing at them at the CES 2014.

Control Devices And Appliances By Pointing At Them

PointGrab’s latest next generation gesture recognition technology which the company calls “PointSwitch solution for Home Environment,” makes it easier for users to control electronic devices as well as home appliances through gestures controls. The technology relies on an array of small sensors equipped with gesture recognition algorithms to be embedded in the devices you wish to control in your home. These sensors are programmed to track the position of your eyes in relation to the position/direction of your fingers, thereby recognizing what device you’re pointing at and triggering various commands. In simple words, the technology lets users control home appliances and electronics devices from a distance, just by pointing at them. Here a video of the technology.


It is to be noted here that PointSwitch can detect your gestures from up to 15 feet away and is capable of functioning even in full darkness and from wide angles. Here’s another video for you.

However, PointGrab will demonstrate the technology in front of people at the CES 2014. Keep your eyes on us to get further details of the technology. Until then, check out PointGrab.com.

Source: Digital Trends

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