Proofreading for Firefox: Better Spell & Grammer Checker

AfterTheDeadline Released their FireFox extension. Now it could completely replace Firefox default spell cheker with AtD’s famous Artificial Checking. It check not only spell but also grammar and lots necessary rules which no other tools could track. AtD was acquired few months back by WordPress Owner company Automattic. It previously give checking & Proof reading service to various platform like WordPress, now anybody could use it with FireFox. It will work while we browse, mail, web Chat, Use Twitter, Facebook or even while leaving comment.

After the Deadline works in text areas on most webpages. Simply push a button (F7) or click to check your spelling, style, and grammar no matter where you are.

This add-on has all the After the Deadline features. You can enable the style checker options you use in the preferences and you can ignore errors to prevent them from coming up.

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Source:, AtD Blog

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