China Wants To Build A Undersea Rail Track From Beijing To USA

Now a days, trains have become not only a vital way of transportation in inter-city, but also for international journey. Lately, it’s been reported that China wants to build a rail track from Beijing to USA.


The nickname of this massive railway network is China-Russia-Canada-America. The train would start its journey from north of China, through Siberia and Russia, under the Pacific Ocean to Alaska, then down through Canada to the contiguous United States.

Route From China To USA

China will construct 8,079 miles of railway track, including a 125-mile underwater tunnel across the Bering Strait from Russia to Alaska. It is to be noted here that the Bering Strait tunnel would be the world’s longest undersea tunnel, which will be actually four times the length of the Channel Tunnel. The train would travel at a speed of about 217 mph and the trip from China to U.S. would take less than two days.

Although China has the technology to construct the undersea tunnel, but at the same time it’s been mentioned that such railway plan through undersea is simply not a realistic or necessary project. So now it remains to be seen if this project ever becomes materialized or not. Stay with us, we’ll update you as soon as we come to know something about it.

Source: Washington Post
Thanks To: The Guardian

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