Reebok Getting In With Conformable Electronics

Reebok will collaborate with startup MC10 on wearable electronics to monitor athletic performance and massachusetts companies partner to develop conformal electronics-enabled apparel and equipment for athlete monitoring and performance enhancement…….

Reebok International Ltd. and Cambridge, MA-based MC10, Inc. have today announced an R&D collaboration to create a new class of athletic apparel and equipment combining market leading sport design with advanced electronics.The collaboration will use MC10‘s revolutionary conformal electronics platform and Reebok‘s preeminent design capability to bring new products to the athletics market. When combined with Reebok‘s heritage of innovation for the athlete, MC10‘s proprietary approach to making high performance electronics “skin like” and invisible to the wearer will enable entirely new classes of intelligent sports equipment and apparel.

Reebok has a strong history of innovation with iconic products in the sporting goods industry like The Pump and more recently EasyTone and ZigTech which deliver game changing technologies to consumers.MC10‘s conformal electronics platform makes high performance chips and sensors thin and bendable, transforming once rigid devices into truly wearable products. This capability allows the seamless integration of electronics into athletic goods, catalyzing new levels of performance and intelligence.

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