RIM’s Downward Spiral Continues, Rumors Of Company Sell-Out Spread

Research-In-Motion, the company that swept the consumers off their feet with its once-sleek BlackBerry handsets, has continued its downward spiral as Apple and Samsung surge far, far ahead in the market. RIM made a lot of changes to its managerial positions and it had been hoped that this may revive the company. But now that revenues have floundered by 25 percent over the last three months, RIM’s Chief Executive has hinted at selling the company.

Thorsten Heins took his position as Chief Executive of RIM back in January. He replaced Jim Balsillie who had been with the company for a long time. It seems that in a few weeks at his position, Heins isn’t very hopeful of a significant revival for RIM and seems to be thinking a face-saving exit strategy for the company.

Heins recently remarked, ‘The impression I had on Day 2 of being chief executive was pretty different from the facts I know after being ten weeks as chief executive.’ Heins is of the opinion that RIM needs to give up the dream of once again working all things out on its own, things like making handsets, developing software, running its own network etc. According to him it is about time for RIM to move on to partnership and licensing strategies and if the need be, to sell the company to a potential buyer.

RIM’s director has left the company while chief technology officer and global chief operating officer are about to leave. It seems that this marks the final days for the company that once made the notion of smartphone popular and literally pioneered it.

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