Samsung 3D VOD Service

Samsung has launched a 3D video-on-demand (VOD) service in Korea with further plans to roll it out across the US and Europe.Samsung 3D VOD service is debuting with content from film studio DreamWorks and offer 3D films, movie trailers and music videos, along with children’s and educational content……..


Samsung Electronics introduces the industry’s first free 3D content VOD (video on demand) and the launch of Full HD 3D smart TV set out to expand the market.Samsung 3D TV and so far, customers can enjoy a 3D Blu-ray titles when you buy the product offering, such as regular-air broadcasting to convert 2D images to 3D images are loaded with features such as 3D content can enjoy more have been trying to.Introduced to the world through 3D VOD services in 3D animation production company, DreamWorks, including movie trailers 3D concert with the nationally famous artists to provide music video. In addition, the national children’s 3D content creation specialist (weeks) and infant bikahyiui 3D world, teaching English, including classic fairy tales, including educational content with over 20 can enjoy the convenience of a variety of 3D content. Samsung Electronics, the industry’s first VOD service to customers to provide high-quality 3D content that can be sustained as some satellite broadcasts or Blu-ray titles only 3D TV to enjoy the content they had to overcome some limitations of 3D TV base expansion is expected to be a great help. 3D features 3D VOD service using the Samsung Smart TV customers can enjoy free for anyone, even the existing customers Samsung TV AppStore Explore ‘ 3D ‘it easy to download and install applications, you can enjoy the same 3D content can. Samsung visual display unit visual strategy and marketing director Lee, Sang, Managing Director,said “Samsung Electronics its customers a variety of 3D content, easier way to experience the multifaceted worrying has, now the industry’s first 3D VOD service to start,” also said, “We VOD service Continue to expand the content available through Samsung TV content with technology leadership and to strengthen competitiveness and will leave. “ Samsung to provide content to the end of the leg over 50 increases, the domestic launch of the first half of this year, in order of the United States, Europe, including plans to expand into global service.



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