Send & Receive Message From People With Scent Via oPhone DUO

We can use our phones to send images and sounds to and from practically anywhere on the planet. Soon we may be able to do that with scents as well. Vapor Communications is working on the oPhone DUO, a device that lets you receive scents based on instructions from a complementary mobile app.

oPhone Duo

To send a scented message, users have to use oSnap app, created by Harvard University professor David Edwards with the help of former Harvard University student, Rachel Field. Note that, users will be able to “receive” the message if they have an oPhone. When they will receive an oSnap message, the recipe for the scent will be sent from their phone to the oPhone via Bluetooth.

oSnap App

oSnap lets you take a picture and then add up to two scents to it. The latter is done by choosing from up to four aromas, which have descriptive names – e.g. buttery, zesty, balsamic, etc. – to make it easier to concoct a scent. The device uses circular cartridges called oChips to create scents. Each oChip has four aromas, and you can place 8 oChips in the oPhone.

oPhone DUO Created By David Edwards

Vapor Communications claims that the oPhone can generate up to 300,000 scents using the cartridges. Whether or not they smell good is up to the sender.

Aromatic Communication

If you don’t want to receive any messages along with scent telegrams, then no worries; just remove the aroma cartridges. For now, oSnap and oPhone are limited to recreating the scent of food, but Vapor Communications promises to release more kinds of aromas in the future.

David Edwards With A Member Of The Audience

Vapor Communications has said that it’s possible that future versions of their apps will use image-recognition technology so that the app will choose the “right” aromas for the user. Here’s video for you.

At present, the makers behind oPhone DUO are trying to collect a money of $150,000 by July 31, 2014 via Indiegogo. As of writing, the team has collected an amount of $43,984. If you are interested to know more about oPhone DUO, then hit the following links.

Source: Vapor Communications
Thanks To: oPhone (Indiegogo)

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