Sign Your Check By A Robot Artist: Piccolo

Imagine, you have to write or sign something urgent but don’t have a keyboard or pen? Or may be you have every thing around you but you have a very bad pain in your hand and therefore can’t write, type or sign anything? What will you do? Isn’t it better to have a third hand who will work for you as your assistant? Well, while robot artist Piccolo is there, you need not worry, because this small bot can do your writing or signing based work for you. Isn’t it interesting?

About Piccolo :

Piccolo is pocket-sized, tiny open-source, stand-alone and modifiable CNC platform. It is an attractive computer-controlled plotter for tinkerers. It comes as a kit of assemblable leaser cut pieces and components that fit together to make a small X-Y-Z CNC platform controlled by an Arduiuno. In simple word, anyone can use Piccolo for laser cutting (small-scale ), drawing applications or 3D printing by interchanging the tool head. It knows very well, how to draw things autonomously. Having the power of responding sensor input, it can work in groups to create mural-type illustrations and generate forest based on light levels or can strike mustaches by using the Z axis to vary pressure. Price of this bot has not been fixed yet, but it won’t cross $70.

Piccolo the tiny CNC-bot from diatom studio on Vimeo.

Processing and Arduino libraries making it simple to make anyone’s own experiments. to be noted, the Arduino-powered platform is a joint venture project between Diatom Studio and Carnegie Mellon University’s Computational Design Lab.

Source : Piccolo


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