Sony And Regal Entertainment Collaborate To Launch Access Glasses For The Visually Impaired

From computers to smartphones and tablets, technology has been trying to grow more intimate with us humans. It seems that tech-glasses is an inevitable next step as more and more glasses-centric technologies are being devised. Now, Sony and Regal Entertainment in US are collaborating to introduce Access Glasses which will furnish closed captions for the users, right on their glasses.

The idea, primarily, is to aid such theater-goers who can watch the video but are unable to discern the text at the bottom of the screen. This problem is resolved through Access Glasses. Once the user wears them, he is able to get the same captions right in front of his eyes in six different languages.

To adjust the text to go with the video correctly so as not to cause any inconvenience, the user can even tweak the position of the text. The glasses are also great for such viewers who have a problem with hearing. It comes with headphones which provide extra audio detail to the user, so that he is able to listen things at a volume that suits him best.

Regal is the largest theater chain in US. So the glasses are expected to be a hit since it is officially a partner in the launch. Regal has already made them available this month and it expects that the glasses will be available in ‘practically all of its fully digitized theater locations’ by the start of next year.

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