Sony NGP at $250 for Wi-fi Version and $350 for 3G Version

Sony NGP may be priced at $250 for the wi-fi model and $350 for the 3G version. Gamers were asked how likely they would buy the handheld based on those prices, Kotaku learned.

The Wifi and 3G model differences are just that in that the 3G has 3G and nothing else, in a similar way to the Apple iPad has WiFi and 3G models. The price difference is also something to look at here as the extra bit of kit to make it function that way could potentially bump up the price by $100, so if the prices end up being correct then you really need to look at if you need 3G connectivity on a gaming device. We’ll leave that one up to you.

If the survey holds true, the Wi-Fi model of the Sony NGP will be around the same price as the Nintendo 3DS which is generally a good sign and will make a lot of sense considering how the PSP succumbed in terms of sales to the Nintendo DS during the last handheld war.


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