AirHelp Makes Airlines Pay When They Screw You Up

Airlines have a tendency to screw with their passengers in a whole lot of ways. AirHelp is a company that aims to help you get compensated if the airline has indeed screwed with you or your schedule.


Legally, airlines are obligated to compensate you in one way or the other if they cause you any inconvenience. For instance, if you were due to land in a U.S. state at 9 in the morning and rather, your flight was so delayed that you landed at $11, you may be in for some handsome compensation. But as passengers, we are often unaware of the margin of compensation that applies in a specific situation.

This is where the role of AirHelp comes in. The company is a Y Combinator startup and has been working in Europe for quite some time, apparently helping ‘tens of thousands’ of passengers get their rightful compensation. Now, AirHelp is looking forward to expanding its operations to the U.S.

There are some differences between Europe and U.S. when it comes to the laws that apply to the airlines. But in both regions, airlines are legally bound to compensate passengers if they are made to go through unusual circumstances. In Europe, the compensation often goes as far as $800 while in U.S. it can go even higher to $1300.

So how does AirHelp work? You don’t pay them anything. They simply ask you about the flight details after which they’ll check whether you are eligible to get any compensation. If so, you give them the power of attorney and they seek compensation from the airline on your behalf. Once the money arrives, AirHelp gets to keep 25% of it as its fees. If you don’t get any compensation eventually, you still don’t have to pay anything to AirHelp.

Source: AirHelp

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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