KickStarter Reaches The Milestone Of $1 Billion In Pledges

KickStarter, launched five years ago, has become a synonym for online funds crowdsourcing. The company has now reached the milestone of having crossed the $1 billion mark in pledges.


KickStarter has seen countless successes along the way. The crowdsourcing site has helped get funds for some of the most blockbuster tech ideas in the last few years. When the site was first launched, it got $1804 in pledges on its first day.

Since then, KickStarter has come a long way indeed. The $1 billion in pledges that KickStarter has received so far have come from 5.7 million people from 224 countries. This shows the truly global nature of online funds crowdsourcing, although what is a tad bit disappointing is the fact that KickStarter still limits its projects to a select, few countries.

Of the $1 billion in funds so far, $663 million have come from U.S. users while $54 million came from UK and another $44 million were pledged by Canadian users. The rest of the funds were pledged by people from different countries all over the world.

Currently, the site brings in nearly $1 million in pledges each day. The best day for KickStarter so far has been March 13, 2013 when the site received more than $4 million. Interestingly, users have statistically pledged more funds on Wednesdays than any other days. A celebratory infographic from the company highlights a number of notable individuals who have funded thousands of KickStarter projects since the site came into being.

You can view the detailed infographic from KickStarter here.

Source: KickStarter

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