LifeDisc Is An Impressive CrowdFunded Frisbee-Shaped Survival Kit

Most survival kits are all about packing the bare essentials for an emergency situation out in the wild. LifeDisc is a new frisbee-shaped survival kit that takes a different approach. The highlights of this kit include a somewhat advanced fishing gear, a shatter-proof mirror to signal rescuers and many other unique features.


The fishing line:
The team behind the LifeDisc survival kit originally envisioned it as a fishing kit. This is precisely why the fishing gear packed in this kit is far better than most other kits. LifeDisc is shaped like a frisbee and wrapped all around it is a 328 feet (100 m) fishing line. This is certainly good enough gear for someone to catch fish, eat and survive in adverse circumstances.

The paracord:
On top of this fishing spool is wrapped some 39 feet of paracord. Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope that is popularly used by military and civilians alike. Paracord is fairly elastic and so, can be put to a whole range of uses.

The hollow space:
While the paracord and the fishing line wraps itself around the exterior of the frisbee, the interior is hollow and empty. At one side of the LifeDisc, you have a waterproof container that can be used to store virtually anything.

LifeDisc features

The creators of LifeDisc are of the view, “Whilst we would expect that most survival kits would include an emergency water filter, fire starter, compass, etc., opinions vary widely when selecting personal survival items.┬áSo whether your preference is for GPS locators or insulin, the best thing that we feel we can offer with LifeDisc is freedom of choice.” So in the hollow space in that frisbee, you can load whatever small, nifty life-saving gadgets or hardware you think may be essential in a crisis.

Shatterproof signal mirror cap:
Finally, all these nifty equipment is topped with a cap which comes with a shatterproof signal mirror. You may put the mirror to any other use or you can signal with it to any rescuers who may be nearby in the event of a survival situation. The frame of this body is made up of ultra-tough plastic alloy which is resistant to chemicals.

In all, LifeDisc is certainly an excellent survival kit which contains only the best quality equipment. Sadly, the Indiegogo campaign launched to crowdsource funds for this tough frisbee has met failure. It is possible that the creators may launch another funds crowdsourcing campaign, in which case we’ll post an update.

You can fund this project at Indiegogo, click here or check below

Source: Indiegogo

Courtesy: Gizmag

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