QU-BD One Up Is The First Ever Sub-$200 3D Printer

3D printers have become increasingly popular over the past few years. However, most of the currently available 3D printers are fairly expensive and out of reach for the average consumer. A new 3D printer called QU-BD One Up aims to change this. Offering high quality 3D printing, this nifty printer costs a mere $199.

QU-BD One Up 3D printer

The QU-BD One Up comes with an extensive printing kit, which essentially let you have all the basic components to start your high-quality 3D printing right away. The company offering the printer claims that it has been providing printing components to notable companies for many years and has now decided to offer a printer of its own. Banking on its experience as a component manufacturer, this company is able to create affordable, low-priced printers without compromising on the quality of 3D printing.

Currently, the One Up printer is up for backing through a KickStarter campaign. The funding campaign was launched on Oct 21, 2013 and is due to culminate on Nov 18, 2013. The original aim of the campaign was to muster $9,000 in pledged funds but the product has received an extra-ordinary response. So far, One Up has been able to muster funds to the tune of $265,000.

Without a doubt, a 3D printer at a cost of $199 is a prospect that is too tempting to resist. In the past, we have seen many excellent 3D printers come out in the 3D printing arena. But most of these printers are exorbitatntly costly, making them an inaccessible product for most.

With One Up, it seems that the 3D printer manufacturers have finally been able to break the price barrier and turn 3D printing into something which even a common consumer can indulge in. If you want to sign up for the QU-BD One Up printer, you can do so by pledging funds using the widget below.

Source: KickStarter



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