Hydroflex Develops ‘Honeycomb’, A Skateboard Made Of Foam, Fiber And Resin

Most of the skateboards that we see now a days are made of wood. But Hydroflex has made such skateboards that are made of foam, fiber and resin. In fact, the skateboards are called the most advanced skateboards on the planet.

Hydroflex Hi-Tech Composite Skateboard

Using its patented 3D-Glassing™ Technology, Hydroflex has been building high-end skateboards since the early 2000s. The skateboards are strong, durable, and used by some of the world’s top surfers like Josh Kerr, Brad Simpson and Carissa Moore.

Special Reinforcement In Honeycomb

However, lately the company has made a skateboard called Honeycomb which is made of high density PET foam, triaxial fiberglass and high quality epoxy resin and is said the most advanced skateboards on the planet.

Features of Honeycomb

One of the coolest and most intriguing elements of Honeycomb is the unique deck – a signature pattern of Hydroflex which is enhanced with radiating customizable 10 colors that evoke an eye catching effect. Compared to other Hydroflex skateboards, Honeycomb is even lighter, stronger and waterproof.

Colors Of Honeycomb Skateboard

Honeycomb features integrated tail and nose guards that help against nose and tail wear. The large guards are made from a solid 2-part urethane hard plastic. Tests have shown that these actually hold up better than wood. Other benefits and features of Honeycomb are:

  • No damage when you skate in the rain
  • The deck features an integrated tail & nose protector
  • Flex of the deck can be tuned for the board shape
  • The boards have no torsional flex
  • Superior responsiveness & more pop

Currently the Honeycomb skateboard makers have made three stunning Honeycomb skateboard models. The team has already collected a fund of $27,776 in pledge of $15,000 via the most popular crowdfunding source Kickstarter for making this project a reality. For more info, visit Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter

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