is Now Open For Public Consumption

The power of infographics and data visualizations are surely changing the way we view the web.  Sitting in my inbox this morning was a curious email from the promising start-up,  It is definitely the place to go to see every, and any infographic imaginable. was co-founded by Stew Langille and Lee Sherman, the same start-up legends that brought us Mint. is also one of the real rising stars of the 500 Startups initiative.  If you dont know what the 500 Startups initiative is, well it’s basically a group of investors that helps and funds promising start-ups with seed money.  So basically only the best of the best become a 500 Startups company.

Gettting back to the visually stunning, the site was in an invite-only private beta, until this morning.  The team sent out emails this morning to testers and those waiting to get in.

As of now the site offers over 2000 different infographics from various major companies,web brands, and designers looking to show off.  Some of the big names that are on-board include CNN Money, eBay, Mashable, WSJ, and National Geographic.

Infographics and data visualizations are the next big thing.  They have become an important tool for all sorts of businesses.  They change the way we look at facts and data.  Numbers, words, and bullet notes are boring, but what does is bring the premier infographic designers to the front of the pack.

The site is still in the beta stages, and the development team is working on some cool tools.  In the meantime you can upload any infographics that you might of already created, or you can browse through some really cool ones already there.  There are all sorts of cools graphics there, from all sorts of different categories.  It is definitely a cool place, and I guarantee you will be hearing a lot more about infographics in coming future.

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