Strange News: Robot Registrar Marries Japanese Couple

We all know how much the Japanese love their robots. You could say they love robots a bit too much, bordering on weirdness. In one such example, a Japanese couple was recently married by a robot registrar. The bride Satoko Inoue works for the company that created the robot, named the i-Fairy. The groom is a client of hers.

While they weren’t stranded in an airport and forced to get married over Skype like this couple, Inoue chose to have an extremely high-tech wedding to show how “robots would become more integrated into people’s everyday lives.”

Fashioned with a floral hat for the wedding, the i-Fairy is normally helping visitors at museums and exhibitions, but certainly cut a dashing figure at the exchange of their vows. Stories of the i-Fairy getting plastered on champers and copping off with the bridesmaid are entirely unfounded.

Source: Gizmodo.

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