‘Sunday Morning’ Gives A Look To Apple-Foxconn Relationship

Apple has been under a lot of heat from analysts, news anchors and tech journalists of late. The reason being that fresh rumors from multiple sources claim that Apple is well aware of the labor abuse going on in it’s off-shore manufacturer’s facilities but chooses to ignore them. Although Apple has categorically denied the charge, the debate hasn’t drowned yet. Following is a video in which CBS News reports Martha Teichner in the ‘Sunday Morning’ show gives a look to the Apple-Foxconn relationship.

The report begins by reporting Apple’s huge revenues and then goes on to probe that how true is Apple’s claims that Foxconn facilities are good enough. For the record, Foxconn is one of Apple’s largest suppliers and also supplies nearly every major electronic industry giant.

In the past years, dozens of Foxconn employees have committed suicide due to work stress. This is the very point which aroused a media uproar and brought Apple to the stand. The personnel interviewed in the video say that there is no way on Earth that such glaring labor abuses as are carried out in Foxconn abilities could have been missed by Apple.

The video quotes both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, over the issue of labor abuse. Whereas Apple vehemently states that it is doing all that it can to ensure better labor standards at it’s manufacturers’ facilities, analysts believe the Foxconn refuses to comply to such standards and that this is the reason why Foxconn wouldn’t let any inspecting analysts to enter their facility.

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