The End of Content Ownership and Beginning of Cloud Age

It has been a while since we came to know about the cloud concept. But most of the internet users kind of failed to fully comprehend it. Even the ones who thought they have comprehended it may still be confused if asked what they understand by cloud.

The idea was to use every available resource nearby to serve the purpose that would otherwise need to be served by a remote resource holder. If it sounds too technical, then maybe this can help: cloud computing would take the nearest computer as a source to provide you with what you want instead of using the original computer located thousands of miles away.

If your neighbor has downloaded the same news video you were looking for, then a possible cloud computing can be when you try to download it too, it will be downloaded from your neighbor’s computer to yours. That way, the ultimate usage would benefit from misuse of resources which could have been prevented.

So far what it seems like there would be a lot of streaming or internet activity if the cloud idea is implemented everywhere. Since there would be no local storage, we sure will not have to worry about running out of disk space every time we download bigger video files. HD video files are very large ones compared to regular ones. So if you are watching the video using cloud, then it would mean downloading it again when you want to watch it.

The question is, will it really be helpful to use so much data? Doctors are already raising concerns that the radiations are affecting our natural living. If our already digital lifestyles contain more data transfer by any means, wire or wireless that would probably contribute to some future health hazards. Paying for contents every time is just another face of the problem. But there are benefits that need time to surpass the issues before cloud and cessation of content ownership comes to regular practice.


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