The Voter Registration Process About To Go Digital In New York

With the huge advancements in technology, virtually every thing has gone digital in one way or the other. Now, attempts are being to make the process of voter registration also digital. The philosophy behind this idea is that conventional methods of voter registration have grown obsolete and are ineffective in a lot of ways. Digital registration, on the other hand, is far more secure.

The proposal has been put forth by a group of lawyers from New York and it is being called The Voter Empowerment Act. If this Act is implemented, the whole process of registering for voting will become digital, thus eliminating a whole host of factors which render paper-based registration forms wrong or unreadable.

According to New York State Senator Michael Gianaris, “As election season approaches, government bureaucracy continues to impede too many people from voting. Our proposal would remove these obstacles and maximize voter turnout while saving the state and its counties hundreds of thousands of dollars per election, thus preventing disenfranchisement and enabling better record keeping.”

Not only would this bill help the of-age voters to register more easily, it would also allow the younger ones to pre-register for voting. Currently, voter registration is being done through paper-based forms. And these forms often feature different problems such as writing mistakes, ineligible handwriting and damaged forms.

These factors will be eliminated in the digital voter registration. The plans are to have this bill passed and then implemented as law in New York. While other states are also ramping up efforts to make the process of voter registration digital, the proponents of this bill claim that the transformation “would be the most comprehensive state plan implemented to modernize the voter registration system.”

Source: Brennan Center For Justice

Courtesy: Mashable

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