The Worlds Largest IMAX Movie Screen In Australia To Be Replaced

Australian movie goers are set to receive some nice treat from their IMAX officials, translated into a 1000 square meter screen which will deliver an unparalleled 3D experience. The monster screen is to be installed at the IMAX Darling Harbour. The media toyed with relevant figures that could give a better picture (no pun intended) on the massive IMAX screen that measures 29.5 meters high and 35.7 meters wide, it weights more than 800 Kilograms and it will need 350 Kilograms of silver paint and 12 days of work to cover it.

31 riggers are needed during the operation. The operation took a year of planning and a quarter of million dollars just as installation costs. Both the screen and the special paint were imported from Canada, as Australian IMAX CEO Mark Bretherton told the media. “It really will be a silver screen in the classic sense,” said Mark Bretherton said. “Its reflective paint that all 3D screens require to reflect enough light back.”

The previous screen served the audience for 16 years and now the officials decided it’s time for an upgrade. However, Mark Bretherton explained that the company won’t replace the projector.

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