Turn Your iPhone Into An FDA-Approved Glucose Meter With iBGStar

Blood sugar calculation is a vital medical measurement which is used to gauge the health of a person in many ways. Specifically, for diabetic patients, it is pertinent that they stay vigilant about their blood sugar level and know if any fluctuations occur. Luckily, this can now be done by simply linking up a tiny accessory to your iPhone.

This can now be accomplished by using the new iBGStar blood glucose meter. For those of who who may be worried about the authenticity of this device, rest assured that it has been approved by FDA, which essentially means that it works really fine.

All you have to do is connect the iBGStar meter to your iPhone or iPod through the 30-pin connector. iBGStar first makes use of disposable test strips through which a sample of your blood is collected. Once the meter has recorded a number of readings to gather sufficient data, it then goes on to analyse this data and then present it on the Manager app which can be viewed on iPhone.

The data that is being presented in sorted and displayed in such a form which can be easily understood, such as tables, graphs and trends. The best part is that as soon as you analyse your blood sugar level using this accessory, you can also send the log of the results to your doctor right away. This way, you can stay on top of your medical condition and make timely and informed decisions about it.

iBGStar costs about $99.95, which is not really a huge price, given the fact that you will be making a smart decision of staying up-to-date with your own health’s condition.

Source: iBGStar

Courtesy: The Verge

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  1. Michelle

    Going mobile is one thing, now you can prick yourself on the go too!¬† Too funny but I guess on a serious note those with health conditions may find the convenience useful? I’d be keen to hear from anyone who uses the product…..

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