UK’s $35 Raspberry Pi Model B Sold Out On Launch Within Minutes

The Raspberry Pi is a $35 credit card-sized motherboard. The ultra-cheap Raspberry Pi computer went on sale Wednesday. In fact, that was its inauguration day. It was being sold without a case. Due to huge demand of Raspberry Pi Model B, its stock turned into empty within minutes. Looks like, a Tornado came, visited the place, enjoyed destroying and left away. People saw everything, but understood nothing about what and how happened.

The credit card sized Raspberry motherboard runs on open-source software which was created in Chris Tyler’s classroom at Seneca College. More than 600 motherboards became available for pre-order at 1 am. Premier Farnell and RS Components were the authorized Raspberry re-seller. For visiting purpose or pre-ordering purpose, whatever the reason was, each second it generating a 300% hike in web traffic and knocking the the distributor’s site offline. Within a minute, all mother boards were sold. Premier Farnell and 

RS Components, both became astonished.

Farnell said, “It’s been a phenomenal day. This is an incredible little computer, we knew anticipation was huge and it sold out very very quickly, within the hour. We had a massive amount of interest across different territories – half a million interactions with our site in 15 minutes at its peak.”

The Raspberry Pi is designed to be an affordable, easy-to-program device that hobbyists and children can play with and learn from. Raspberry runs Linux. It can be connected to a TV, monitor, mouse or keyboard. In other word, it is a fully-programmable PC which is capable of driving 3D graphics, Blu-ray video playback and plugging into just about any TV. It is powered by a Broadcom multimedia SoC and loaded with a 700MHz ARM1176JZF-S core, 256M of RAM, an ethernet connection, two USB ports and an SD card port. The energy-efficient device can run off 4 AA batteries, use a TV as a monitor and store data on SD cards. Users can download other software adapted and developed by the open source software community around the world.

As the $35 stock is finished, there’s a lot more (approximate 10000) coming within a few weeks. And guess what? This time, the price tag will not be $35, rather it will be $25 with a single USB port instead of two and no ethernet port. Don’t wait for more reduction of the price. Who knows, after this stock finishes, when the next stocks comes?

Source : TG Daily

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