Scientists Made A Device That Detects Veins And Shows Nurses

Often we have seen nurses struggling to locate veins before injecting blood into or taking blood from a hand of a human body. At then, they usually jab the hand to find out a vein. But no more jabbing or struggling to locate veins. Scientists have made a new device that helps nurses by showing where your veins are.

Technology Shows Where Veins Are

The device beams near-infrared light on the arm, which is absorbed by deoxygenated haemoglobin contained in the veins – lighting them up and allowing nurses to find them without any fuss.

Vein Detecting Device

Angela King, Blood Service Researcher at Australian Red Cross Blood service, said, “If nurses and donors respond positively to the technology, it could become a hospital staple.” She also said , “At the moment we’re just trialling the technology to determine its effectiveness and see what donors think of it and whether it improves their experience in any way.”

Device Detecting Veins

This device can be used anywhere. No doubt, this handheld infrared light device will make donating blood a whole lot easier. It’s already used widely in hospitals and pathology clinics around the world to make it easier for patients to have blood taken, but now it’s also going to help genorous citizens to donate blood.

Location of Veins

However, if trials are successful, the technology could become a hospital staple. Find out more about how the technology works in the video below:

Source: Red Cross Australia
Thanks To: Techly

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