Water-Proof, Magnet-Proof And High-Speed SD And MicroSD Cards From Samsung

SD and microSD cards have a knack of getting mistreated, being tooled carelessly and eventually being damaged. The result is that just when you are planning that you would soon port all the data from that old SD card in bad shape, it may suddenly refuse to work and give you a hard time. Samsung has now just the solution for you: the new series of SD and microSD cards comes with the ability to withstand pressure up to 3,200 pounds without being damaged, being submerged in water for up to 24 hours and even stand a very strong magnetic current!

That’s not where the fun ends. Apart from these super-tough qualities, these SD and microSD cards also come with the option of ultra-high speeds. The cards in the ‘high speed’ series can can read up to 15MB/s to 24MB/s whereas those in the ‘plus extreme speeds’ can go up to the whooping high speeds of 21MB/s to 24MB/s.

The cards in plus extreme series are available only in the following sizes: 8GB and 16GB. However, those with slower speeds come with more options, being available in sizes ranging from 2GB to 32 GB.

The price ranges of the cards are also ‘advanced’ given so many additional features added to them. In the ‘plus extreme series’ cards, the 8GB card comes for $29.99 while the 16GB is worth $54.99. The rates of just ‘high speed’ series cards are a bit lower, being available for $9.99 for the 2GB card and going up to $89.99 for the 32GB card.

Image courtesy Titanas.

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