WaterField provide Magic Trackpad cases

Once an Apple product rolls out, naturally accessories will follow. The Magic TrackPad is already getting this treatment with the WaterField protective socket and slip products.Tote the Apple Magic Trackpad Safely with a WaterField Designs Slip or Socket Case.Keep track of your Apple accessories with protective cases from WaterField Designs….

Look, we get it it’d be fairly easy to slice up the surface of a Magic Trackpad if thrown haphazardly into a bag full of apartment keys, ink pens and syringes, but aren’t there more economical ways of protecting your investments than this? Not that we blame WaterField Designs — who happens to make some of the best cases and sleeves in the industry but the Trackpad Slip and the Trackpad Socket are most certainly tailor made for a slaying on “Really? with Seth and Amy.”

WaterField Designs announces two new protective cases for Apple’s ultra-thin, Magic Trackpad. Mobile professionals may now carry their Trackpad in the minimalist Trackpad Slip case that safeguards the device with ballistic nylon and light padding; or in the Trackpad Socket, a soft, padded pouch. WaterField also offers Keyboard cases to tote the keyboard and accessories.The Trackpad Socket, a simple, padded, custom-fitting pouch provides scratch-free Magic Trackpad protection from other bag contents. Available in black.

The Trackpad Slip offers protection in a slim ballistic nylon case with a soft, lightly padded liner. The Apple Magic Trackpad slips easily into the custom-fitted, snug case where it stays securely in place. Six trim choices allow users to add a splash of color and/or to coordinate their case with other WaterField Designs gear.

Following Apple’s style lead, the WaterField cases are simple. The Trackpad Slip case features ballistic nylon with soft inner padding, with six shades (black, copper, pine, green, flame and pearl) to choose from for the lining. The Trackpad Socket is definitely the more minimalist option being a basic soft, padded pouch in black.

The Trackpad, like other gadgets, needs protection while in transit so that it does not get scratched or broken,” explained, Gary Waterfield, “Our cases prevent the occasional ding, scratch or spill you get when you put it in a backpack or purse along with other gear.

For those who can’t find a free padded compartment in their existing briefcase or laptop tote, the Socket is a dead-simple padded pouch, while the Slip is a slim ballistic nylon case with a soft, lightly padded liner and a half dozen trim options. Shipments start today, with pricing set for $12 / $25, respectively. Don’t count on getting any support from fellow tree huggers should you skip over your monthly Sierra Club donation in order to get one, though.

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