Chinese Scientists Invented World’s First WiFi Emitting Lightbulb

Thomas Alva Edison is known as the inventor of light bulb. Later, with the help of science and technology, scientists have created more glittering light bulbs. Lately, some Chinese scientists have invented the world’s first light bulb that emits its own wi-fi signal.

Wifi-emitting Lightbulb

The bulb (or you can say the technology) is called Li-Fi. The bulb is embedded with a microchip that produces a signal, yielding rates as fast as 150 Mbps. Four computers can be to internet at a time using light frequencies of a Li-Fi bulb. While it may seem to you that this Li-Fi bulb will cost high, but actually it’s not.

The Chinese researchers will show 10 sample Li-Fi bulbs at a trade show in China next month. It goes without saying that Chinese people are going to replacing old fashioned incandescent bulbs quickly with the news ones.

Source: Xinhua
Thanks To: ZDNet

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