New Wireless System Can Charge Up To 40 Phones From 5 Meters Away

Wireless charging has been gaining slow but steady traction in the tech world. While wireless charging for smartphones is still a relatively rare practice, Korean researchers have created a brilliant new wireless charging system which can charge smartphones from 5 meters away.

Dipole Coil Resonant System

A lot of things have gone wireless in the tech world over the past few years. Internet access has gone Wi-Fi for the most part and a number of vendors are already offering wireless chargers and pads which are being used to juice up smartphones and tablets. But until now, we haven’t seen a wireless charging solution geared at the corporate entities.

The new system created by Korean researchers changes this. This is a system which is meant to cater to a huge number of devices all at once. The wireless charging system can charge up to 40 smartphones from a distance of 5 meters. Not only that, this incredible creation can even wirelessly charge a TV.

The creators of the system have named it ‘Dipole Coil Resonant System.’ The most extraordinary thing about this system is that it can charge a device from a significant distance.¬†Other alternatives in the market require you to place your handset or tablet over a pad or a specific spot where it can be wirelessly charged. The Dipole Coil Resonant System dispenses with that necessity.

This means that if you implement the system in an office, for instance, all you would need to do is be in the vicinity of the system while it charges your handset. No need to set down your phone and halt all your work for the interim.

According to Professor Chun T. Rim of Nuclear & Quantum Engineering at KAIST, Korea, “Our technology proved the possibility of a new remote power delivery mechanism that has never been tried at such a long distance.¬†Although the long-range wireless power transfer is still in an early stage of commercialization and quite costly to implement, we believe that this is the right direction for electric power to be supplied in the future.”

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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