World’s Greatest Robot Vs Robot Based Toy Robot Till Now

Jaimie Mantzel is known well as one of the famous toy makers. He usually makes toy robot. He has been trying to invent and upgrade different types of toy robot for robotic battle. Recently, he has made an amazing toy robot which he claims world’s greatest invented toy robot till now. People are really appreciating him.

Jaimie Mantzel’s latest invented robot has six legs. This robot is operated by remote control. Unfortunately, Jamie couldn’t find a name to call it. So, he has left the name for viewers and readers. This toy robot is specially made for robot-on-robot battles.

In order to attack (fire), on top of the robot, there is a space to keep weapons like foam darts, discs, ping pong balls etc. With the help of the remote control, the controller can shoot/fire a limited distant object. Various colors and designs have been outfitted to customize the robot.

Right now, the toy robot is a prototype. So, the robots make noise much while moving. But Jaimie said, “That’s just for the prototype and that the final product will be much quieter”. Check out the videos below.

It’s our chance to give a name of this Robot. So, what are we waiting for? Guys, select a name for the robot and write it down in the box below.

Source : Gizmag

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