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Without a doubt, Oscars are the most anticipated and most-watched movie awards worldwide. This year, after a lot of speculation, the Oscars have been announced and we are here to give you a quick run-down of the winners.

Oscar 2014

Like every year, there were people rooting for this film or that, hoping a preferable will grab the Best Actor award and in short, split along their own choices. There was Team 12 Years a Slave, rooting for the heart-wrenching and touching movie of the name. Yet others, including me, were supporting Matthew McConaughey, despite those cute DiCaprio memes.

And now that the winners list is out, it is time to see how accurate were our estimates and do we belong on the winning side of the fence.

Best Picture:
The most prestigious film award at Oscars, Best Picture Award, went to ‘12 Years a Slave.’ The movie is a gut-wrenching narration of man’s journey from freedom to slavery back when it was a common practice in the South.

12 Years a slave

The movie created a huge stir in the entertainment industry and brought well-deserved limelight to the debate of the history of slavery in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Best Actor in a leading role:
For individual accomplishment, this is the best that Hollywood offers for male actors. Leonardo DiCaprio was a very strong contestant this year, thanks to his rather stellar performance in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ But what really blew the minds of many was Matthew McConaughey‘s acting in ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey has formerly been acting in small-time roles in unpopular movies and 2013 heralded a huge change for him. He found his way to some of the best movies of the year and managed to pull off an absolutely extra-ordinary acting in the touching tale of an AIDS victim in ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’

Best Actress in a leading role:
There were many brilliant nominations in this category this year. From Amy Adams in ‘American Hustle’ to Sandra Bullock in ‘Gravity’ and Cate Blanchett in ‘Blue Jasmine’, this was one tough contest.

Cate Blanchette

Cate Blanchette‘s performance in Woody Allen’s 2013 movie, however, turned out to be a game-changer, leading her to her second Oscar.

Actor in a supporting role:
When it comes to individual acting, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ seems to have swept the table clean. And rightly so, since both prominent actors in the movie, McConaughey and Jared Leto, took on some exceptionally difficult roles.

Jared Leto

Leto, acting as an HIV-positive transgender woman, gave a performance that looked as close to real life as it could be. While McConaughey bagged the Best Actor award, Leto took home the Oscar for best actor in a supporting role.

Actress in a supporting role:
This one was a tad bit predictable, thanks to an incredible performance by Lupita Nyong’o in ’12 Years a Slave.’ Other contenders included Julia Roberts in ‘August: Osage County’ and Jennifer Lawrence in ‘American Hustle’ among others. But Nyong’o was the strongest contender, with most fans nearly certain that she was going to score the Oscar. And she finally did.

Lupita Nyong'o

For details about Oscars in other categories and other nominations, head over to the official Oscar page.

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