Apple Working On TV Platform With Ad-Skipping Technology

Every once in a while, a fresh set of rumors surface about Apple, pinning something new on the company. For long, we’ve been hearing that Apple may enter the video-streaming arena but that hasn’t happened yet. Now, reports have it that Apple is prepping a TV platform  that will come with ad-skipping technology.

Apple TV

This fresh rumor comes from a Wall Street Journal piece, in which the author claimed that Apple has been setting up meeting with a number of cable companies. The aim of these meetings is to pitch the new ad-skipping tech to such parties which may be interested.

The technology, as the name suggests, would empower a user to skip the ads on his TV and continue watching content without having to put with the commercials. There’s also a possibility that Apple may include the tech in it’s own set-top box, the Apple TV.

The company may end up offering ‘premium’ service on Apple TV, letting its customers enjoy uninterrupted content on their TV sets. For now, Apple TV is limited to prerecorded content but there have been reports that Apple may soon start offering actual, original content on these devices, rivaling popular cable companies.

It wouldn’t make much sense for Apple to focus more on some ad-skipping tech, especially because many companies already offer such a feature. This includes the likes of TiVo as well as Dish – the latter using Hopper technology can let users hop through the commercials and hook up to uninterrupted content streaming.

Courtesy: CNET

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