[Video] See The 7 Scary Accurate Vintage Advertisements That Predicted The Future

Advertising is a mass marketing technique. It is a form of communication which is normally used to help sell products and services. But some advertisements often bring the imperceptible things of real life of future. However, today we have brought 7 scary advertisements that predicted the future.

Ghost Coming Out Of Ad

The first advertisement (View of the Future by AT&T) was made in 1993 showing AT&T had foreseen ebooks, GPS and wirelessly connected tablets. The second advertisement (Walter Cronkite in the living room of 2001) was created in 1967. This advertisement shows the concept of how people would control their home entertainment things. The third advertisement (Apple Futureshock) was created in 1987. This advertisement shows Apple presenting a Siri-style intelligent personal assistant, touchscreens, screen-sharing and video calls.

Sometimes predictions about life in the future from the past come true. And these seven videos offer visions of the future that aren’t too far off today’s reality. From the foretelling of home computers to a 1970s prophecy of the Internet, these particular predictions from the past were spot-on. Here are the video.

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Courtesy: Mashable

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