Amazon Tests ‘Instant Video Finder’ Feature With Nuanced Categories

The task of offering videos based on a person’s tastes has always been very tricky. On demand video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime has always taken the problem seriously. Netflix once announced an $1 million prize for an algorithm that can best serve the viewers’ tastes. Recently, Amazon has launched its solution to the problem. No, It hasn’t thrown any competition, rather launched a beta version of Amazon Instant Video Finder.

Amazon Instant Video Finder

Instant Video Finder from Amazon promises to let viewers find videos that suits their mode easily. The service lists videos in more than just top genres. Viewers will find movies and TV shows under categories such as Rough, Ghost, Nonlinear and many other nuanced definitions. So far, as I have gone through the lists, the categories seemed more diverse than current top genres like horror, advendutre etc. Check it yourself to find what the service holds.

Thanks to: Engadget

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