Annual Digital Sales Of Shazam Exceeds $300 Million

Shazam, the music program that is becoming wildly popular among the mobile audience, has now crunched its numbers and they are fairly impressive. According to the company, it is already used by nearly 20% iPhone users in the U.S. and its annual digital sales have exceeded the $300 million mark.


Currently, the total number of users that access the music program to buy digital content from major outlets such as iTunes has now grown well beyond 300 million. And with each passing day, more users are lining up to join the service. These users actively access multiple outlets, tagging nearly 10 million songs per day.

The company has just added a new iPad app to increase its influence in the iOS world. While the major portion of the total sales is dependent on music sales, Shazam users are also actively purchasing TV shows, movies and other content online.

The executive vice president of the company, David Jones, claims that currently, the music program is actively used by nearly 40% of the iPhone users in a number of European countries, such as France, Germany and UK. The growth rate registered by the program is 2 million users per week which shows that the service is growing at a fairly rapid pace.

While the current annual revenue of Shazam is quite sizable, Jones is hopeful that the company can bring in a lot more cash in the coming days by tapping into advertising opportunities. According to him, “While we’re making a ton of money now compared to the billions of advertising that the networks sell, it’s a smaller thing. That’s the opportunity.”

Source: Guardian

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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