‘jOBS’ Finally Premiers, Attracts Mixed Reviews From Critics

The movie ‘jOBS’, based on Steve Jobs’s life, had been one of the most anticipated screenings at the Sundance film festival this year. Ashton Kutcher played the role of Jobs, and in a recent interview revealed how he felt portraying the role. The movie has attracted mixed reviews from critics.


Nearly all critics agree, without a doubt, the movie is good entertainment. However, they also agree, that ‘jOBS’ must not be seen as a biographical account of Steve Jobs’ life. In fact, it is far from it. The movie takes a lot of embellishments, figments of fiction and mixes all that up from the general history of Jobs’ life. It often refuses to reveal the details of his relationships with his employees, his obsessions with designing things his own way etc.

Nonetheless, the critics have also exonerated Kutcher for not being the perfect Steve Jobs on screen. That is quite understandable because Jobs was a very complex man, with a very tumultuous history, beset with ups and downs in his life. Thus, there was only so much that Kutcher could pull into his character of being Jobs.

Interestingly, Ashton Kutcher tried out a fruits-only diet before the shooting of the movie could start, so as to act more like the real Steve Jobs. However, within two days of following the diet routine, Kutcher had to be admitted to the hospital due to pancreatic problems. That is the rather scary part since Jobs did die of pancreatic cancer.

In all, the movie is at least worth a shot and makes up for good entertainment. If you are a huge Jobs fan, it may even succeed in inspiring you.

Courtesy: 9to5mac

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