Nearing The Geekfest Comic-Con 2012

Comic-Con is one of the most wildly popular events in San Diego. The event is basically for the geeks who have a huge interest in the comics. Every year, in July, the event is celebrated by all the geeks who would gather up in San Diego and let their comic-passions flow free.

So why should a geek go to this geekfest? For starters, there is going to be free food, free drinks and a whole lot of entertainment media on display. You will catch glimpses of some really cool and creative costumes at the event. Moreover, since a  number of tech bigwigs are collaborating on the event, you may end up winning some free tech prizes.

If you do plan to go to the event, you must not miss the ‘Walking Dead No. 100’ comic book. The authors of the books will be at the Image Comics booth, signing autographs. Moreover, there will also be a 40-minute zombie run, which is going to be a treat for comic lovers.

For the fans of the Walking¬† Dead franchise, the best part is that they may be able to catch a glimpse of ‘Walking Dead Season 3′ in its preview. The comic is so popular with the readers that the estimates of pre-orders are being put at a whopping 325,000 copies. Chances are that if you turn up at the event, you may run into a lot of superstarts of the comic world.

The event is scheduled to take place during the date July 12 – July 15th, 2012. The preview night will be on July 11th, so you can hop in for a single day if you wish to catch a glimpse of a number of really cool comics’ previews.

Source: CNET



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