Netflix Discounts Streaming Price By $1 For Selected New Members

The holiday season means that millions of tablets, smartphones and video-streaming gadgets have been sold. Trying to cash in on this spree, Netflix is offering a special $6.99 per month streaming price to some of its new subscribers.

Netflix offer

Originally, the video streaming service charges $7.99, which comes with the ability to stream video on two screens at a time. Opposed to this, the discounted $6.99 price being offered by the company comes with a glaring limitation – you can stream the video on only one screen at a time.

The company has been somewhat ambiguous about the conditions of signinig up for the $6.99 package. It remains to be seen if the existing Netflix users can downgrade from two-screen option to the discounted single-screen option. Moreover, we don’t know if the discounted offer is valid for all new members.

According to Netflix, “We have not dropped the price for Netflix, but are offering some new members a single stream plan for $6.99 a month as a test. We do these types of tests regularly.” This indicates that not only is the offer limited to a selected number of new members, it will probably be valid for only a month after which, the customers may have to upgrade to other packages.

Rather than being a genuine deal, this seems like enticing the new customers with a lower price tag and eventually, persuading them to either quit or sign up for one of the standard $7.99 or $11.99 per month packages.

Courtesy: Mashable

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