Nexus Q Not Re-Appearing At Google I/O 2013

The 3-day Google I/O 2013 annual developer conference is starting tomorrow. It was thought that Google will present its Android-powered social media streaming player Nexus Q at this year’s I/O developer conference once again. But Nexus Q won’t be making another appearance at this year’s Google I/O.

Nexus Q

Nearly a year ago, Google unveiled Nexus Q at its I/O developer conference. The Nexus Q is a media streaming device with direct access to Google Play Store. It was also designed to work flawlessly with Android devices over Wi-Fi and NFC. The design itself was praised by many and the device garnered sufficient buzz initially. At the same time, Nexus Q was initially criticized for its $299 price tag and limited capabilities. So, little more than a month after the big reveal, Google suspended the launch of the Q indefinitely to “work on making it even better” and promised to relaunch the product as soon as possible.

Google said in January 2013 that the company was still “hard at work” improving the Q. Many people expected that Google would show an improved Nexus Q at its developer conference this year. But AllThingsD has reported that Google has no plan of relaunching the Android-powered social media streaming player Nexus Q at this year’s its I/O developer conference. That means Google isn’t finished improving the Nexus Q yet.

Source: AllThingsD

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