Panasonic Gets On Board With Smart TV Alliance

In recent years, we have seen the smart TV industry get fragmented due to the development of individual platforms by multiple vendors. LG had earlier revealed plans of changing this by forging a Smart TV Alliance. Today, it make a key announcement, stating that Panasonic has decided to be a part of the Alliance.

Smart TV Alliance

Among the Smart TV platforms trending currently, the one offered by LG offers one of the best Smart TV interfaces. That is why when LG proposed that a combined platform should be created by multiple vendors, its proposal was taken seriously by many industry giants.

To date, a number of notable Smart TV vendors have joined hands with LG’s efforts; these include Toshiba, Philips as well as Qualcomm and IBM. The Alliance is apparently seeking TV vendors as well as chipmakers to garner a greater support for the new platform that it aims to create.

LG hopes that by bringing together this alliance, it will be able to create a single, connected platform for all, or at least most, Smart TVs. The industry-standard platform that the company wants to create is certainly going to be a great step for the Smart TV arena.

It would make things a lot more easier for the users and even better for the developers who can then develop their apps and content relative to a single platform, rather than having to tweak it differently for each individual vendor. We do hope to see some serious development on this front by LG during 2013.

Courtesy: CNET

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